Hi, I’m Ayo. I love to read and build stuff. I spend most of my time engineering @ Google. Before Google, I worked at TeamApt & FairMoney.

I’m interested in Distributed Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms, and Design at the moment.



Details about the Database Internals book club organized by SysDsgn.
In the last post, we implemented a parser that generates an abstract syntax tree. We will traverse the syntax tree to return our result in this final post of the series. The finish line beckons!
In this post, we bring Explanck’s parser to life.
In this post we discuss abstract syntax trees and formal grammars.
In this series we will learn what it takes evaluate expressions; our first stop is tokenization.
An overview of Slack’s architecture.
In this post, I reflect on the year 2021 and explore the possibilities 2022 offers.
This post focuses on the details of the service disruption that occurred in the Northern Virginia (US-EAST-1) Region on November 25th, 2020 .


A repository that contains explanations and (custom) implementations for the most popular data structure in various languages.
A lean go library for Notion’s API.
A Twitter bot to categorize tweets.